Inspiration from Gaga Dancers

As a dancer who is not a performer, I have felt both an incredible inspiration but also itching intimidation from looking at great dancers. I used to go to professional choreography performances, sit as close as my ticket would allow, and completely seize in kinesthetic empathy by looking at moving bodies in space. The exquisite movements, incredible control of the body, the speed, the expression, the mastery, the technique – it would simply be breathtaking to witness. As much as I felt catharsis from witnessing, I also felt the airy gap between the bodies in the audience and the bodies on the stage.

Ohad Naharin, a famous dancer and choreographer has skillfully built a bridge between dance – as an art form and dance as an experience, developing a new language not only for professional dancers but everybody.

Gaga People (class in space)

Gaga People is a dance movement, where (often) without musical accompaniment, dancers are guided through what I call ‘movement-igniting‘ metaphors, and carefully led to discover new dance.

Gaga People during Pandemic (dance online)

Last year I had an incredible joy and opportunity to dance Gaga People in Amsterdam. Due to pandemic, however, Gaga People can become even more accessible through online classes. I encourage you to give it a try and let the movement travel through you.

To see online classes visit Gaga People website.

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'დაე იყოს ყველა ბედნიერი ხილული თუ უხილავი'

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