Tribute to the living legend

I write this in the times of COVID-19 pandemic, where the lock-downs and social distancing has affected almost the whole globe; resulting in closing down dance schools, courses, gatherings, retreats and festivals. However, for me personally the lock-down has been brightened up by generous initiative of German Acogny, and her school Ecole de Sables (in Senegal). Daily twice, in the mornings and evenings I have been following online classes in the Acogny Technique, which is today an established methodology in contemporary African dance. Watch the story of the founder, incredible teacher and dancer Germay Acogny, and if you like join the online classes through making donation .

I am also grateful to the dancer Simone Hijloo from whom I heard about this technique. She is a teacher herself bringing the modern African dance in the Netherlands.

For me personally, the Acogny Technique is a virtuous mix of how Nature moves and how human joins through dance.

Published by ლელა მოსემ

'დაე იყოს ყველა ბედნიერი ხილული თუ უხილავი'

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