Contemplative movement practice for students

This year, I will be offering a series of workshops in Experiential Dance to the members of Student Meditation, an association at the University of Amsterdam. Student-Meditation does an amazing job for peers (holds free meditation sessions by students for students, quiet co-working sessions, and even organizes a “death cafe!” where students can freely speak about death – a theme so ‘feared’ in our culture). The workshops are open to any member of the association.

What is Experiential Dance?

Experiential Dance is a contemplative movement practice that enables self-exploration through non-conceptual means. It combines modalities such as dance, guided meditation, and creative writing. Participants are invited to a safe space to connect with their own body’s different state(s), observe and learn through introspective movement. In essence, Experiential Dance is for an experience and not for a performance.

The typical session starts with meditation and ends in reflective silent writing. Between these two moments of stillness, movement happens. The practice leaves participants energized and elicits a genuine sense of mind-body integration.

Note about emotions Through introspective dancing, one may feel the release of long-seated emotions, be it feelings of joy and ecstasy to feelings of anger or sadness. We distance ourselves from “toxic positivity” and welcome all forms of emotion and their genuine expressions.

More information: To learn more about Student Meditation and become a member, check their website

Experiential Dance for students at the University of Amsterdam

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