5 Rhythms

Tribute to Gabrielle Roth

Two year ago, a visiting teacher on a modern dance class introduced the 5 rhythms warm-up, moving through head to toes, dancing body parts on rhythmic percussions. Without saying its name or revealing its history, the teacher just guided us through the dance. It stood out for me, from many other warm-ups. It felt as a little pathway to the way I perceived dancing.

Some time passed, and I discovered the work of Gabrielle Roth, came across her legacy in the form of 5rhythm, which today counts hundreds of teachers, and much more dancers.

Through this short post, I want to express my gratitude to her work, and share a video of her explaining the concept of 5rhythms, which in the early stage, she called the Wave Dance.

Gabrielle Roth explaining what she initially called the Wave Dance, and later became known as 5rhythms, one of the first forms of ecstatic modern dance for wide audience and not only for dancers

If you want to experience 5rhythms yourself, listen and dance to the guided version, that I am sharing in a video below. What you need is space, where it is possible to dance, free 30 minutes, and desire to give it a try. Move aside the furniture pieces, and make sure the space is suitable to dance; better dance bare feet, it’s much safe and rewarding way. Put the guided track on, and embark in your first journey. It lasts thirty minutes. Enjoy your dance!

30 minutes audio of Gabrielle Roth guiding the 5 Rhythms on the background of percussion music

If you want to learn more and experience dancing waves with a group, search for worldwide classes on the website of 5rhythms.

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